By Kevin Kerfoot, Bluegrass Music Profiles

BMP: What's the latest Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike news?

VALERIE : I have two members of Liberty Pike - a new baby named Josephine Marie Smith and I have a new banjo player named Mike Brubaker from the group Second Edition. He's doing just great and we're working on a new album. We already have eight cuts done and we're working on a gospel album, too. When I'm finished with my band album we'll start working on the gospel album. We were also one of the bands that worked on the soundtrack for a movie call "BELL WITCH: The Movie". There's all sorts of bluegrass artists on there. It's about a legend of John Bell from Adams, Tennesseen and it's a really scary movie. They wanted some really edgy sounding, old-time bluegrass and my fiddle player Becky Buller wrote about five songs for the movie and I co-wrote one song with her called "Ol' John Bell". It's from the spirit witches point of view, saying how much she dislikes John Bell. We had a lot of fun doing that. We didn't get our newest album done for the season because we really wanted to be a part of "Bell Witch: The Movie" and they want to do a "Bell Witch: The Movie" Tour and I felt like we needed to get that finished for them so we can get on with that...It's coming out in late fall with the movie, as far as I know.

BMP: Will you incorporate any of those songs into your performance?

VALERIE: I will be doing some of them next year. Some of them are really unusual and I'm kind of saving them for the Bell Witch Tour so I won't overdo them.

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