By MELISSA KINTON, Staff Writer, The Advocate & Democrat

Herman McGhee stands in front of one of his antique cars. This unrestored car was used in the fliming of "Bell Witch, The Movie."

Herman McGhee's Model A was used in the making of "Bell Witch: The Movie" last fall. He went with a friend who wanted to tyr out for a part and heard the proudction company was looking for old cars. "When I heard what they were looking for, well I had both," McGhee said. The production company also used one of McGhee's cars that remains unfinished.

There were three men and cmaera and sound equipment in his Model A at some times. "They got in and out a hundred times," said McGhee. "You bet I was nervous."

When production wrapped in October, the car was muddy from all the use. The studio had it cleaned, but McGhee took it to the Hill's where they cleaned it again. The movie is due for release soon.

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